Amazon AWS Service Overview

I am using various hosting services since 2004 and since then there is a huge changes in the hosting industry. Due to demand of application hosting I was curious to find flexible platform with budget. Back in 2013 I used Amazon for the first time then move to Digital Ocean. I also tried Rackspace and Google cloud and now slowly shifting back to Amazon AWS.

Here is a overview of the huge growth of Amazon AWS and some of its super cool features. This is a list with brief and in future I might write in details of any specific services.



Elastic Computing or Cloud computing where you can get virtual machines or dedicated machines

Ec2 Container Service:

You can use Docker container service for multiple instances

Elastic Beanstalk :

Very useful if you are a developer and want to deploy codes without much going details about architectures


The entire Amazon service runs on Lambda, Essential service


For novice user to start with -you can manage using management console


Its for batch computing if you want to do batch computing on cloud


S3: Simple Storage Service -3s

it has bucket where you can upload files


Elastic file system -you can attached to networks or instances


Is your data archieve


To bring large amount of data I.e ISP, Telephony etc

Storage Gateaway:

Virtaul machines install in your headoffice which can replicate AWS system



all relational database system such as MYSQL , Aurora (aws version of mysql),

Dynamo DB:

Non relational database


Caching database to improve performance

Red Shift:

For Datawarehousing service


Aws Migration hub:

Tracking service and integration service

Application discovery service:

To test dependency and tracking for application

Database Migration services:

Migration service from Onsite to cloud

Server Migration service:

similar service for migrating local server to cloud


Weird service , used for large amount of data into cloud.


VPC: (Amazon Virtual Private cloud)

Virtual data center, u can configure firewall, zone, route table etc -little bit complicated but essential to know inside out. Once started its easy. It is such fundamental part of AWS

Cloud front:

Amazon content delivery center, such as video file, Image files etc, perform caching service using edge location

Route 53:

Amazon DNS service -useful for me

API Gateaway:

Creating your own api for other AWS services

Direct Connect:

Way of running a dedicated line from your headoffice to Amazon

Developer Tools:


Codestar a way of getting developers into one team, project managed, collaboration code with team


Repository service, source control, versioning etc


Compile, test and build packages for deployment

code deploy:

Can easy to deploy to ec2


Contineous delivery service


Debug and analyze server performance

Cloud 9:

IDE environment, Code environment where you can write and compile code .

Management tools:


Bread and butter for solution architects

cloud formation:

Essential -useful to scrip infrastructure. Essential DevOPS tool. Turnign infrastructure into code

Cloud trail:

Logs API activities of AWS environments. Default enabled hold for 1 week. Should be reviewed.


Monitor the entire AWS environments.


Similar to elasticbeans. Use chef or puppet

Service catalog:

Managed catalog of it services for large corporations from anything to virtual machine images etc for government or compliance requirements

System Manager:

Use fo EC2, security patches , easier to use system manager, group all your resource etc

Trusted Advisor:

Give you advice or recommendation such as security issues, resource usage, how resource saver etc

Managed Services:

Premium service by AWS team

Media Services

Elastic Transcoder:

Record video and upload -its resize for all platform.

Media Convers:

File based broadcasting -multiscreen

Media Live:

High quality video streaming for various devices

Media Package:

Protect Medias

Media store:

Consistency , live or on demand content

Media Tailor:

Target video stream without sacrificing quality

Machine Learning:

Sage maker:

Help for deep learning


Sentiment Analysis on content


AI Cameras -learning detect recognition by creating apps buying device from Amazon


Power Alexa service, communicating with customer -chatbot etc

Machine Learning:

Predictive Analysis, data sets analysis-amazon machine learning tools


Text to speech service, choose region, accent etc -will use polly to convert into mp3 files and stream to echo and have Alexa readout. Cool service


Video and images reader – AI will tell you whether its a dog or cat


Machine translate English to other languages


Trascribe our courses into caption, automatic speech recognition to text, convert into different languages


Ethena : Run SQL queries on S3 bucket. Queries to object readings

EMR: Map Reduce -big data speciality -processing large amount of data. Chops data for analysis

cloud search: Search services by AWS

Elastic Search: Search services by AWS

Kinesis: Huge topic for Big Data and will cover details infuture

Kinesis Video Streams: Brand new service in 2018, it is way of large amount of data into AWS, like social media feed or tweet -ingest this and process various processes

Quick Sight: New 2016, Amazon BI Tools. Fantastic tools.

Data Pipeline:

Moving data into different Aws services

Glue: Amazon ETL Services for large data -Extract, transform and load. Can use migration. New 2018

Security & Identify & Compliance:

IAM: Very Useful and first service you need to know inside and out.

Cognito: Device authentication. You can use authentication using mobile phone, facebook, linkedin etc -entry access to AWS

Guard Duty: Monitor malicious activities in AWS -brand new service

Inspect:Test instances, schedule & run -produce severability list

Macie: Check S3 for privacy, data security and alert you

Certificate Manager: Give u free SSL certificate if you register domain using Route73

CloudHSM: Hardware security module. Store private or public keys or other encryption keys

HSM: Accessible and charge 1.20$ an hour

Directory services: Integrating Microsoft Active directory services to Amazon services

WAF: Web application Firewall -stop attacks -application layer security -stop sql injection etc

AWS Sheild: default for load balancer, AWS works, etc for DDOS sheild

Sheild: About 3000$ a month service

Artificat: On demand access to compliance report. Download SOC , PCI , Payment Card reports etc

Mobile Services:

Mobile hub: Mobile SDK to new AWS backend

Pin point: Push notification drive to ur mobile users. Location tracking. NEW 2018

AWS Appsync: Update offline users

Device Farm: Testing Apps on real life

Mobile Analytics: Analytics service for mobile

AR/VR :Augmented and virtual reality


Invented in 2017. Sumerian is useful for application design for AR/VR to create this environment.

Cool thing you dont need to think about code but you can create your own virtual world.

Application integration:

Step functions: For Lambda features for integration

Amazon MQ: Message Que, in 2018






= Launched in 2006. SNS notification service for billing etc, SQS -Decuplling your infrastructure. EC2 queing service

SWF: Workflow service -simple workflow job. Can get human interaction of this.

Customer Engagement:

Connect: Cool -contact center as a service. Service -dynamic , natural or personal configuration

Simple Email service: Bulk email service. Customisable

Business Connectivity:

Alexa for Business: Seriously cool – you can dial into meeting, call tech support, order printers etc

Chime: Video coneference -similar to google hangouts etc -require low bandwidth

Work Docs: Dropbox for Amazon

Workmail: Amazon version of office 365

Desktop and Apps Streaming:

Workspaces –

Appsstream -streaming applications. Similar to citrix



iOT Device Management —

Amazon Free RTOS: OS for micro controllers by Amazon launched in 2017

Greengrass: Secure way machine connectivities for Machine learnings

Game Development

Game lift: Service u can develop games including virtual reality launched in 2016